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Where to Find Help or How to Help


Mental Health America

Mental Health America (MHA) is the nation’s leading community-based nonprofit dedicated to addressing the needs of those living with mental illness and promoting the overall mental health of all. If you’ve been struggling with your mental health or what to find resources, visit or take a free, anonymous mental health screen

I Don't Mind

IDONTMIND is an awareness campaign with a mission to inspire open conversations about mental health. Simply put – we want to make talking about mental health a normal part of every day life, giving people the confidence to ask for help when they need it. Join our campaign and say IDONTMIND talking about my mental health. (Categories: Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar, Trauma, Self-Harm, Grief, etc)  - Your questions about mental health answered by real therapists

Hope for the Day

HFTD a Chicago-based non-profit organization that focuses on suicide prevention by providing outreach and mental health education through the use of music and art. The organization uses concerts, workshops, and events, and innovative partnerships to provide outreach and education.Through outreach, education, and action, we can equip people with the right tools to be proactive in their communities.
Together, we can break the silence around mental health.

Resource compass: People can go here, enter any US zip code, and it will pull up all the social services available in that area; not just limited to mental health but the things that can adversely impact our mental health. So stuff like housing insecurity, food insecurity, transportation problems, etc.


Upcoming education events: Here is where people can sign up for any of our upcoming mental health education sessions

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